Danish Nature Agency

Nature Agency, Odense is responsible for local monitoring and implementing the EU-WFD through river basin management plans, and is in charge of marine topics in the agency such as the “eelgrass problem”.

Head of department Harley B. Madsen (participant in WP 2, WP 5 and WP 6) is head of Department of Management of Water and Nature, the Nature Agency, Danish Ministry of Environment. He has for 20 years worked as leader of river basin management and marine monitoring at Fyns County with focus on eutrophication caused by nutrient run-off from agriculture and waste water treatment plants.

M.Sc. Cathrine B. Pedersen (participant in WP 2 and WP 4) has experience in evaluating nutrient dynamics, marine vegetation and sediment conditions in coastal areas using dynamic and deterministic models. She has during the last 7 years worked with environmental management in marine areas especially in relation to EU directives.

PhD Nikolaj Holmboe (participant in WP 1, WP 2 and WP 5) has worked with environmental management for more than 10 years, focusing on monitoring of marine vegetation. He has obtained a thorough routine in field work concerning eelgrass, and he will contribute to this project with a profound knowledge of the distribution and dynamics of eelgrass.

Harley B. Madsen

0045 72543509


Cathrine Bøgh Pedersen

0045 72543514