Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary, USA (VIMS)  conducts interdisciplinary research in coastal ocean and estuarine science, educate students and citizens, and provide advisory service to policy makers, industry, and the public.

Prof. Robert J. Orth (participant in WP 1, WP 2 and WP 5) has for many years studied the biology and ecology of seagrasses with emphasis on habitat restoration and conservation and understanding the principles and processes governing the dynamics of these plant communities. He has with success developed field based eelgrass recovery techniques in North American estuaries.

Prof. Kenneth A. Moore (participant in WP 1, WP 2 and WP 5) has a long experience in the ecology of estuarine and coastal shallow water environments, especially the relationships between aquatic macrophyte systems and environmental factors including Water quality conditions that limit their growth, survival and restoration.

Mr. Scott R. Marion (participant in WP 1, WP 2 and WP 5) is an expert in landscape ecology with emphasis on the spatial dynamics of faunal habitat utilization and seagrass restoration ecology.

Robert J. Orth

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