University of Gothenburg

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (UG) focuses on research within ecology, evolution, physiology, systematics and combinations of these fields in order to understand the impact of natural and anthropogenic changes of the environment.

Assoc. Prof. Per-Olav Moksnes (participant in WP 1, WP 2 and WP 5) has for many years studied the ecology of shallow coastal ecosystems in both temperate and tropical regions, including the interactive effect of nutrient pollution and overfishing on eelgrass communities.

He is presently coordinating a multidisciplinary research project in Sweden assessing ecological, economical and legal aspects of large-scale restoration and management of eelgrass ecosystems. Learn more about Zorro here.

Per-Olav Moksnes

0046 031-786 27 10