The objectives of NOVAGRASS are through interdisciplinary actions to
1) develop new technical tools for eelgrass seed harvest and transplanting
2) apply and evaluate these tools at large-scale in the field under different conditions
3) provide guidelines for eelgrass restoration, including climatic challenges through modeling
4) provide a socio-economic analysis and assessment of the ecosystem services gained by restoration.

The approach is to develop eelgrass seed harvest and storage procedures, and to combine these with transplanting techniques designed to alleviate effects of physical and biological disturbances. The industrial partners will be integrated in this research and collaboratively develop logistics, equipment and techniques for large-scale restoration. The sustainability of restorations will be monitored and modeled based on the sensitivity of eelgrass to climate change and analyzed with respect to gained ecosystem services. The project will enable the consulting and industrial partners to be leading in aquatic ecosystem restoration.