WP5 Large-scale restoration

Development and application of large-scale restoration techniques.

The small-scale restoration research of WP 1 to 3 will in this WP be expanded to large-scale
endeavors in selected Danish estuaries. The unique combination of scientific and industrial
partners with complementary expertises offers the potential for a successful development of
innovative technology for mass harvesting, storing and germination of seeds as well as for
planting seedlings. The industrial partners’ commercial interest provides the incentive for the
development of cost-effective techniques that are applicable in a broader water management
The techniques required for successful large-scale restoration are:
1. Construction of mechanized eelgrass seed harvester with limited impact on the harvested eelgrass meadows;
2. Seed separation and storage in tanks under adequate environmental conditions that maintain seeds viable and control the timing of germination;
3. Seed preparation/germination and diver assisted or mechanized large-scale seed broadcast and/or seedling planting in selected estuaries;
4. Continuous monitoring the development of planted eelgrass, Associated flora and fauna, and water quality parameters (nutrients, turbidity and light penetration) during the following years.

It is anticipated that the industrial partners at the end of the project will have the
technical and knowledge capacity for submitting commercial offers on eelgrass restoration
projects covering the whole process from seed harvesting to insuring seedling success. The
final technical guidelines/user manuals of the developed equipment will be made public, while
still complying with the signed intellectual property rights